Pekka LovikkaLovikka Ky has been founded by name Ylitornion Soitintuote in 1983. Kantele -Finnish national instruments, have been our main product all the time. Kanteles are made in brand Lovikka. We deliver kanteles mostly in Finland but also to Europe, Northern America, Japan and whole world. In 1993 we have started to serve and sell harps.  Company's managing director is Pekka Lovikka, one of the founders and present owner. Nowadays company employs 3 persons. Company has 290 square meters production quarters.

Our slogan is: We make kanteles that musicians can fall in love with, this gives birth to loveable music.

Pekka Lovikka has worked as professional kantele builder since 1983 and even before that he made kanteles as a hobby. He graduade a Master`s certificate of Luthiery in may 2011.


Lovikka Ky

Teollisuustie 10
FI-95600 Ylitornio

+358 50 475 9540

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