Small kanteles

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Lovikka Bass-9

9-strings bass with witch one You easily “make bases “ to a group of small kanteles or other instruments.

500,00 € Ex Tax: 403,23 €

Lovikka 16 Modern

Modern 16-strings kantele with witch one you easily accompany songs and play melodies. This instrument is like 11-strings added with one higher string and 4 bases.

465,00 € Ex Tax: 375,00 €

Lovikka 11-strings kantele

Modern 11-string kantele is instrument of many possibilities. It´s easy to accompany songs or play melodies with this instrument.

300,00 € Ex Tax: 241,94 €

Lovikka 5 Modern

New progressive model of the fine old instrument. Strap makes possible to play while standing or dancing.

175,00 € Ex Tax: 141,13 €

Lovikka 5

5-string kantele traditional is one of our main articles. It is available in colour of wood and dyed in reddish brown.

144,00 € Ex Tax: 116,13 €

Lovikka Piccolo

Piccolo kantele is a small bottomless fivestring kantele.

78,00 € Ex Tax: 62,90 €

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