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Modern 16-strings kantele with witch one you easily accompany songs and play melodies. This instrument is like 11-strings added with one higher string and 4 bases. Because of bases, with this instrument you can play great soundfull music. Strap makes possible to play while standing or even dancing.

When microphone is installed, it is possible to play on big stage or performing with other amplified instruments.

Register is D,A, d, e, a-e2. Instrument is made out of alder and surface is varnished. There is 2 switchers installed to instrument with which you can play in D-major or E-minor. With 3 extra switcher you can play also D-minor. We also make this instrument diatonic, so lowest srings are d, e, f#, g, a  etc.


  • Natural
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue


  • Length 89 cm (29")
  • Weight 2 kg

Delivery package includes

  • Tuningkey
  • Strap
  • 1 spare string
  • 1 row overtone spots

Additinal eqipment

  • mikrophone
  • switshers 3 pc
  • hard case
  • overtone spots (extra row)

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