Firm policy

Our policy at Lovikka Ky is to care for our customers and the environment in the long range. We value honesty, openness, environmental protection and recycling. We manufacture our instruments to last.


Lovikka Ky recycles almost all scrap material that has resulted from their instrument production. We sort the material meticulously. Metal is sent to metal collectors. Wood scraps are used for heating, both on site and at the Oulu central heating plant. Plastic and packaging material are also sent to the Oulu central heating plant. Paper is collected and recycled. Other waste is sorted and sent to a local waste station. We no longer send anything to dumping sites.

Our policy on the ecology

We only use suppliers who share our ecological values. No endangered wooden species are used. Surface finishings are the only material that does not have a more ecological alternative that is satisfactory. We use catalytic and polyurethane lacquer.

Our marketing policy

We want satisfied customers who return for more as well as recommend us to new potential customers. That is why we strive to be honest and open and offer our customers the best service that money can buy, with reasonable pricing.




Lovikka Ky

Teollisuustie 10
FI-95600 Ylitornio

+358 50 475 9540

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