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40-string Concertkannel is fullchromatic stringed instrument for perform multifaceted music. This model has a new light machinery which makes possible you to change tunelevels for 39-strings to flat, normal or sharp note. Light machinery gives very beutiful kantele characteristic sound. The highest strings is not in machinery. Register is F1-c4.

Strong stringed version is suitable for all music. It gives large range of volume to play.

Extra-strong stringed instrument is build for modern- and classical music. It is good choice for player with strong touch.

Softly stringed instrument is more suitable for the players who wants a sound near homekantele, or has a delicate touch to strings.

The sound of soft strings is vintage but as powerfull as strong stringed instrument.  The instrument itself is just the same as the strong stringed concert kantele, only the strings are different.

Instrument has 3 inbuild microphones which makes possible to amplify sound electrically. Signal output is 1 pc 6,3 mm jacks. Kanteles trunk is made out of maple, deck and bottom are made of spruce. Varnish of the trunk is polished. 


Soundboard is always natural wood color, trunk color:

  • Natural
  • Reddish-brown
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Piano black
  • Amber
  • Red


  • Lenght 99 cm (39")
  • Weight 13,5 kg (with case)

Delivery package includes

  • Tuning key
  • 8 Spare string
  • Maintenance manual
  • Instrument blanket
  • Instrument case

Here is a duide for Lovikka-picups. English version.

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